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Description. nC-A class nanoCLAMP P972 recognizes S. cerevisiae SMT3, human SUMO-2, human SUMO-3 and SUMOstar.  P972 is coupled to  6% cross-linked agarose beads via a thioether bond with a C-terminal cysteine. In solution, nanoCLAMP P972 binds to SMT3 with a Kd of 163 nM. P972 is sensitive to trypsin and NaOH. For a chemically resistant affinity resin, please see  the new version of this product SUMO Tag Affinity Resin. 

Binding capacity. >4 mg (175 nmol) SUMO-thioredoxin

Characterization Data. PDF with tables and figures  

Product Sheet. PDF


Reference.  Suderman Protein Expr. Purif. 2017

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